Michael Swoboda

Michael Swoboda, a graduate of Towson University, started his photography business in 1978. Since then, Swoboda Photography has evolved to photographing weddings from coast to coast. Michael learned his basic craft from his father and uncle, who in 1947 had their photography studio on Eastern Avenue in Baltimore, MD. Michael worked as an assistant at weddings when he was in junior high school through high school and has continuously worked in his craft since then. Michael expanded his photographic skills while attending Towson. Since then Michael has continually kept up with technology and through his experiences has increased his skills as well as mentored his team and other photographers.

Michael’s team consists of his son Jason, photographer, graduate of Towson University, Pete Melcavage, Esq., photographer, graduate of Maryland School of Law, Rachel Swoboda his daughter-in-law photographer, graduate of Towson University and Michael’s wife, Julie, Art Director, handling restoration and a graduate of Towson University.

Swoboda Photography realizes the amount of time, effort, money and emotional investment that accompanies weddings and other events and Swoboda Photogaphy strives to relax the happy couple by assuring them that an experienced, competent and professional team of photographers is there to meet their photographic needs. Being photojournalists, Michael and his photographers have mastered the art of capturing images as they occur, without interference, then collecting, editing and arranging images in order to tell a story, giving you the opportunity to experience the event over and over again.

Swoboda Photography would like to thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to earning your trust and business.